Selling With Us

Why sell on Gorgeous Gift Ideas?


Are you frustrated with getting lost amongst thousands of search results and customers never actually seeing your products? Are you just starting out and not sure how to get your products to customers? Well Gorgeous Gift Ideas is designed to keep things simple. We have curated ranges so that customers and sellers don't get lost in thousands of the same products. We want to make it easy for sellers to be visible and the products easy for customers to find.


The founders of Gorgeous Gift Ideas have a combined 30 years’ experience in marketing so we know how to maximise our reach to new customers.


Gorgeous Gifts has just launched so join us on the adventure and be one of the first sellers. You've got nothing to lose, there is no obligation to stay on our site if it’s not working for you. We would ask you to fulfil any outstanding orders and just give us 4 weeks’ notice.


Take advantage of our first 6 months without listing fees! Start selling now at no cost! You are only charged a  commission and a standard payment processing fee once your product sells. 

Still Interested?


1. Contact We will send you a 'Tell us about your gorgeous gift’ form

2. From receipt of the form, we review and give you feedback within a week

3. We then create an area on our website for where you can upload the pictures, copy, price, stock and shipping methods. You can access your products through a secure password to make updates whenever you like. If this sounds scary we can offer lots of help here to make this a smooth process so don’t worry

4. We market your products to customers looking for a gorgeous gift

5. Customers order and pay through our secure checkout

6. We let you know so you can send out the products

7. We then pay you


Something Gorgeous  that we’d be proud to give someone as a gift. Men's Gifts, Children's Gifts, Gifts for Pet, Personalised Gift, Cards & Wrap. Something you have designed and made yourself or sourced. We’re looking for people who want to grow with us